McIver House

The McIver house was built in the early 1900s on KLO Road on a site just south of its new home at Benvoulin Heritage Park. Original homesteaders, the Scotts, sold the property in the 1920’s to Bernard McIver. It became the farmhouse for the McIver’s 17 acre mixed- farming operations. Mrs. McIver continued to live in the house until 1980, and when she left, it was boarded up.

Two of the McIver children, Pat, and her brother, Barry, wanted to see their childhood home preserved, and returned to a useful life.In 1994 the farmhouse was donated to the Central Okanagan Heritage Society. The Society moved the house to the Benvoulin Heritage Park site, and restoration continued through 1994/95. Today the McIver house serves as the residence for the site-managers of the Benvoulin Heritage Park.